David and Kiki Nye
109 Winter Hill Road, Lititz PA 17543



"Dave & Kiki are so encouraging. They give beginner dancers confidence."

"Kiki & David teach beginners so well. I appreciate how they simplify, while continuing to give solid instructions in basic ballroom."

"David & Kiki's lessons taught me what I needed to know in order to be a good dance partner. When complimented by another instructor while dancing, I smile and say, "Thank you! I have great teachers!"

"Thanks to Dave & Kiki, we no longer sit and watch the other dancers at weddings and on cruises." 

S and S from Lancaster County

"We were so surprised we could learn to dance! And we totally forgot any stress we walked in with!"

"My husband and I started attending Dave and Kiki's Yata Yata Dances nervous at first, but everyone was so friendly and nice! We attend every dance now."

"We were so very pleased with Dave and Kiki's DJing at our club benefit party last night!!! All the music was perfect and many were dancing so much more than usual.  Certainly a DJ to keep in mind. Both of them work together so very well too. A night made great by two really wonderful people!". 

A club member.

"Glissando 2012 was the best ever!!  We so enjoy the welcoming from Dave and Kiki. They give so much and we appreciate it because it so fun! Thank you Dave and Kiki!" an anonymous Yata Yata dancer.

"WOW!! The Glissando dance demonstrations were stunning! It was wonderful to see Pro/Am and Am/Am routines. Lovely costuming and the dancing.... my goodness was supurb! Thank you"

"Looking forward to Yata Yata in 2013"

"Can't wait to see what Dave and Kiki have in store for 2013! I know it's going to be really good."

" David and Kiki have a GREAT Yata Yata schedule of dance teachers and lessons for 2013!"

"Yata Yata is such a friendly dance! The dancers that attend are so much fun!!"

* "Thank you so much for organizing your dance team. And for being so willing to go along with our crazy show idea."

(We organized dance teachers to teach 6 individual for a 'Dancing with the Stars' event for this engagement party. It was great and we all had a great time.)

* Thank you for the joy of dancing at your monthly dance. It is always fun and not intimidating and the music is really good.

2014 - WOW!!! DANCEDUO DJ is really good!! Loved their music at the Valentine's Dinner Dance Feb 14th....  The food was wonderful and everyone had such a great time. Thank you to the Lancaster Tennis and Yacht Club for all their wonderful expertise in preparing the room and the wonderful Chef Ian for the wonderful food!! All I can say is WOW!!

signed: a loyal friend of Danceduo and member of the LTYC club!!!

2015 - We, DANCEDUO graduated 17 couples for their wedding dances in 2014. It was so much fun!

September 2015

We, Danceduo have had a lot of fun this year so far.  We have graduated more than 18 couples this year so far and more are studying. It's so exciting to share our talents.  So many are so pleased that there are the two of us teaching together. We look forward to more dancing and musical fun DJing for many events. Thank you all for your support and your diligence in learning and enjoying!  Keep dancing in your hearts!   David and Kiki

September 2016

Here it is another year of teaching some wonderful people to dance. We graduated 17 wedding couples since January and have some new regular students as well that have come on board. We thank each and every student for all their hard work and diligence!  You all have done a good job and are out dancing!  That was the goal and you are doing it!! Thank you!

We are looking forward to a fun fall and winter season of teaching and dancing. Next year will be fun too!  Have a wonderful fall dancing season. This is the time dancing really gets started.  Don't forget the Lancaster Ballroom Competition Scrimmage October 2, 2016 Sunday at the Lancaster Marriott!  It's a great way to see and enjoy ballroom competition up close and personal. It's a one day event that has all ages competing from many surrounding states. It's so much fun to feel the energy in the air and hear good music! It's Fun!!  See you there!!!

2017 - We graduated 20 wedding couples this year!  They are ALL so happy and pleased and looked so Good!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to teach you all!!!

2018 -  Spring:

Dave and Kiki are amazing!  They were so very patient with us.  We didn't think we could do it, but wanted to try and we did it! We are dancing and feel comfortable on the social and ballroom dance floor. Who would have thought that  was possible?? And no too long ago either.  Thank you Dave and Kiki for everything and for getting to know you. You are truly a pleasure! We'll be friends forever. And as you say Kiki "Keep dancing in your heart."    Sincerely, S & L

2019 - March

Well, here we are dancing! Can hardly believe it was possible. We stuck to it and actually practiced. That was the important part. Thanks David & Kiki for all you have done for our relationship dancing. I now 'follow' well and husbands happy. And I am happy too.  It's essential to have the lady learn to relinquish that control and just have fun following. Anyway, if you want to dance these two are the ones to teach you.  Go for it!     So glad we did.     C & L

2019 -  September

Dear David & Kiki, You are the best! We learned way more than we thought we could and now we're ready for the dance floor!

Thank you so much!   R & L

2019 - December

We are having fun dancing now thanks to David and Kiki's efforts.  Thanks so much for your patience!    L & C

2020 - January

Our regular students continue and are doing very well. We are so proud of them!

New students continue to sign up for lessons. What a joy to have such wonderful people to teach.

So if you are interested  in dancing and want to learn to move to the music.... come on over and learn.

Call 717-560-1659 or 717-940-5454 to get a reservation in the book.

Please leave a message !!

Because we monitor our calls. No Message left means no call back. (Too many robo calls.)

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Keep dancing in our heart!

David and Kiki